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P2 Learning at Home Week beginning 1st March 2021

Hi P2,

Hurray!! This is your last week of home learning- we are very excited that you will all be coming back into school on Monday 8th.  It will be great to get back into a normal school routine.  We are really looking forward to seeing how much you have learnt at home and hearing all your news about being at home over lockdown. 

This week we are continuing with your work packs - you can follow the overview or complete tasks at your own pace. Work hard and try all of the activities.

Spellings this week is list 12 in your planner (page 49) and there is also a copy in your pack. There is a copy of the tricky words on the school website for you to keep going over as well.  We will have a little spelling quiz during the first week back to see how well you have learnt your spellings so it might be a good idea to have a quick revise over the previous weeks words as well.  

If you are confident with your tricky words please have a look over the list of high frequency words included in your planner - it would be a good idea to start practising reading these words too.

For mental maths this week we are practising counting forward to 80 and knowing the number before and after another number within 40. We are also practising counting in 2s to 50, 5s to 60, quick recall of adding 1,2,3 and 4 within 20 and doubles within 20.  We will also have a number quiz during our first week too. The aim is that you are confident and quick with your number facts.

Have a look at the number grid on page 74 in your planner to help you become familiar with the counting in 2's and 5's pattern.  

This week, we are revising how to tell the time using o'clock times on the analogue clock and we would like you to have a go at some of the practical games we have included in your pack.  Remember when drawing the hands on the clocks - the hour hand is the small one and the minute hand is the longer one. Please take time to be accurate and neat with this.  Make your clock hands straight, you can use a ruler if you know how.  We will be looking at digital time and half past times when we get back to school so it is important that you are ready to move forward with this. 

Please keep reading as much as you can at home. Remember that you can access a wide variety of books on the Epic app, or you could try Oxford Reading Owl too. 

We will continue to set literacy and numeracy IXL tasks for you to do each day. We look forward to seeing the activities you complete this week. Well done for all your hard work on IXL so far, we are so proud of you! 

We have included some more fun videos this week for you to try as well and remember to keep completing your Random Acts of Kindness Bingo on page 26 of your planner. If you get a chance to try one of the tasks please do send us a photo.  We really miss all your wee faces and love to hear about all the nice things you are getting the chance to do at home. Maybe you could draw a picture and send us a photo of your fab artwork? Thank you very much to those who have already sent us photographs!

You can email any photos to or

Have fun this week and we can't wait to see you all next Monday! 

Mrs Skillen and Miss Baird x


Palm Sunday:


Zumba - Minion Dance: 


Simon Says:




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