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Victoria PS, Carrickfergus
The Inspectors think we are doing a GREAT job! "The very effective child-centred learning and questioning by the teachers and classroom assistants maximise the learning during the daily routines." ETI May 2018
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Youth Governors


Welcome to the Youth Governor page of our school website.  Our Youth Governors (YG) play a vital role in every day life here at school.  Our YG Panel is made up of children from Primary 4 to Primary 7 and they meet on a weekly basis on a Friday afternoon. 

The YGs are here to help Mr Fulton the Principal to make decision to continue to make our school a better place for all the children.  Each year, the YGs meet with Mr Fulton to discuss the actions they would like to work on this year.  This meeting took place in October and the YGs presented their 2 main ideas to Mr Fulton.

Action 1

We think the entrance way to our school and the main foyer could do with a makeover.  Mr Fulton agreed that the YGs could come up with an action plan to redesign the waiting area and main foyer in school and this is what they came up with:

  • Repaint the main wall on the staircase.
  • Request that the photographer comes to school to take pictures of our school in action and produce these pictures on canvas and hang on the newly painted wall.
  • Purchase new seating for the entrance way.
  • Purchase a suitable box for lost property.

Action 2

Come up with some designs for the Primary 1 corridor to make it more child friendly.  Again, Mr Fulton agreed that the YGs could come up with an action plan for the Primary 1 corridor.  This is what the YG agreed to do:

  • Meet with the Primary 1 members of staff to see what would be useful for the children.
  • Commission a local artist to come in and held design the area.

The YGs are currently undertaking their project.....please check back soon to see the final results.