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Victoria PS, Carrickfergus

September in P4 2020

We are having a super start to P4 in Victoria this year.

Check out some of our Activity Based Learning (ABL) photos and our displays of our classes on the 'What's New' area of the school website.

Mrs Hutchinson's class are 'Staying Safe in their Bubble' and Miss Campbell's class 'Fit Together' like a jigsaw!

Our topic is Transport so in ABL we had these activities:

1.  Role play in a Travel Agents

2.  Design and build a sea vehicle that can go on, in or under the water.

3. Free play with a road mat and vehicles.

4.  Jigsaws and games.

5.  Construction - build a vehicle/invent a new vehicle.

6.  ICT - the beebot app on the ipads.

Also, please watch our P4 Curriculum video for useful information and helpful tips for the coming year, homeworks etc.

Thank you for your support,

Mrs Hutchinson & Miss Campbell.




21st Aug 2020