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Victoria PS, Carrickfergus

Primary 4 - Home and Online Learning

Monday 22nd June - Week 12

Hello P4!

We are really enjoying looking at all your photos from your activities at home.  This is our last week of online learning before the summer holidays.  You have been great! It is very important that you keep reading during the holidays and going over your Times Tables.  There will be more information shared with you about our next school year soon.  Remember to collect your school reports on the allocated day. 

This is a big year group with 62 pupils in total.  We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all children and will look forward to catching up with them next year.  We hope you have a great summer break and the weather is good to us.  Stay safe on your bikes, scooters and flickers by wearing your helmets.  Recall your Green Cross Code when out and about. 

Thanks for your support, patience and kindness shown during Term 3.  We have appreciated all the kind words and gestures. 

Look forward to seeing you soon

Mrs Kernaghan and Mrs McCullough

Numeracy - Complete activities in Numeracy Classwork Book or print sheets

Tables Group A B C

Monday               x ÷ 2

Tuesday               x ÷ 10

Wednesday        x ÷ 5

Thursday             revise all         


Tables Group D

Doubles Facts – learn these facts all week

20 + 20 =

30 + 30 =

40 + 40 =

50 + 50 =

60 + 60 =

70 + 70 =

80 + 80 =

90 + 90 =

100 + 100 =


Numeracy Activity 1 Group A B C D

Discuss the instruments you use to measure, children are familiar with 30cm ruler and metre sticks, tape measure etc

Fact – 1m is the same as 100cm

Using a 30cm ruler, look at 1cm and the small lines between 0-1cm, these are called millimetres.

Fact – 1cm is the same as 10mm

Ask children to draw on a page, or go outside and use chalk, lines of different measurements, they can use 15cm/30cm ruler or tape measure etc

Complete Numeracy Activity 1 – write down the lengths of 20 lines (if you can’t print off this page, use a colouring book and measure lines on the page or simply measure items in your house.)

If you have time you could try measuring the lines in the picture on page 2 of Numeracy Activity 1.

Numeracy Activity 2 Group A B C D

Continue with measure, recall instruments to measure and number of cm in a m and mm in a cm.

This activity will focus on measuring lines and recording the answers in mm. All groups complete measuring in mm. Group A B could attempt changing from mm to cm (divide by 10).

Twinkl – KS1 Measuring objects game

Numeracy Activity 3 Group A B C D

Measuring in cm. Either record letters and their length in classwork book or write answers on the page.

Group A B can attempt to change cm to mm which is the reverse of yesterday’s rule (multiply by 10)

Challenge – can you draw your own picture with straight lines and record the length of the lines in cm and mm?


Numeracy Activity 4 Group A B - this is tricky! if it is too hard simply complete second part.

Conversions – change from cm to mm and mm to cm

Draw the lines at the bottom of your page, look at units (cm or mm) carefully.

Numeracy Activity 4 Group C D

Estimate and Measure – if you can’t print the pages to measure the lines in Q2 do not worry, ask an adult to draw lines in your Numeracy Book and measure them instead. The same applies for the picture on the second page, ask an adult to draw a house and then answer the questions.

Numeracy Activity 5 Group A B

Page 1 use mm to give your answer

Page 2 use cm to give your answer

If you are unable to print off pages find chocolate bars in your house or cereal bars and measure 5 different ones in mm and in cm, writing the answers in your Numeracy Book.

Numeracy Activity 5 Group C D

If you are unable to print off pages find chocolate bars/cereal bars/crisps etc and measure 5 different ones in cm, writing the answers in your Numeracy Book.


Daily Workout 18 Group C D     S&S Test 12



We know we haven’t completed all of the spelling lists, but for the last 2 weeks of term in school we would be revising over the spelling rules already learnt. This week we want your child to revise:

Monday - list 22 and list 23

Tuesday - list 24 and list 25

Wednesday - list 26 and list 27

Thursday - list 28, list 29 and list 30

They don’t have to write out every spelling each night like they normally would, instead they could maybe choose a few more tricky words and just write them out. 

At the end of the week we would recommend that you choose a mixture of 20 spellings (30 if your child does extension spellings) from lists 22-30 and test them. 



*Continue reading your own books at home. Remember to record them onto your ‘reading log’. 



*Like last week, I would encourage your child to complete all tasks into their Literacy classwork book and continue with joined handwriting. This is how we would be completing these tasks in school. 


  • Activity 1 Group A B C 


  • Activity 1 Group D

Matching homophones

*A homophone is a word that sounds the same but has a different spelling and meaning.


  • Activity 2 Group A B C


  • Activity 2 Group D



  • Activity 3 Group A B 

Sun, sea and beach safety comprehension

  • Activity 3 Group C D

Sun, sea and beach safety comprehension


  • Activity 4 Group A B C D

Summer shape poem

*Summer shape poem Twinkl PowerPoint available. I would recommend going through this togteher before beginning task. This will help to give your child a better understanding of what a shape poem is. It will also help them with ideas and examples of what to write. 


  • Activity 5 Group A B C D

Sun safety poster

*Sun safety poster can be completed by hand or as a word document on the computer.  Remember to follow instructions carefully and that this is a persuasive task! Your child might need to do some research on the computer about sun safety to give them more ideas or to find examples of persuasive language/words they could include . I would recommend brain storming ideas together and then leave your child to complete.


WAU - Sun safety

  • Use the Sun safety Twinkl PowerPoint to find out information about the sun and how you can stay safe. At the end of the PowerPoint it will explain the task (Coinciding lesson plan also provided).
  • TASK 1: Design a pair of sunglasses/sun hat (template provided).
  • TASK 2: Create an advert for your sunglasses/sun hat. You can design a poster, PowerPoint or create a short video to advertise your sun item. 


2020 Garden Olympics (see school website for more details)


- ‘Not hanging around’ 


  • Choose from a selection of 4 Summer art activities (Document with all instructions included).