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Victoria PS, Carrickfergus


Homophones Thurs 18th March
15th Mar 2021
Num 4. Thurs 18th March Adding amounts of money
12th Mar 2021
Num 3. Wed 17th March Rounding to nearest ten
12th Mar 2021
Num 2. Tues 16th March Calculating change
12th Mar 2021
Lit 5. Fri 19th March Diary writing
12th Mar 2021
Lit 4. Wed 18th March Comprehension Skills
12th Mar 2021
Lit 2. Tues 16th March Adverbials
12th Mar 2021
Lit 4. Wed 10th March Comprehension Skills
5th Mar 2021
Friday test
15th Jan 2021
Primary 4 Curriculum Video
10th Sep 2020