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Victoria PS, Carrickfergus

22nd February 2021

Week beginning 22nd February 2021 

Remember you can contact us are via email or the school telephone - 02893351781 (email works best)

Mrs Hutchinson-

Miss Campbell -

Below is this week's overview and under the 'read more' option is a suggested timetable.

There are powerpoints and videos to help with your learning and the work in your packs.

We have two new videos too!

P4 Home Learning Week beginning Monday, 22nd February 2021

These activities are to be completed along with your packs. 

There is a suggested timetable in Literacy and Numeracy and the documents/powerpoints are labelled with the days these tasks are to be completed on to help you.

Remember, there are also daily tasks in literacy and numeracy set on IXL.

There will also be powerpoints uploaded to the website to help teach a new concept (eg adjectives) so look out for these each week.

Please complete any written work in your homework books already at home.  If you finish your books, call into school for new ones.


  • Learn Week 16’s spelling list on page 46 of your planner.
  • Complete the accompanying spelling activity in your literacy homework book - see the document ‘Spelling activities 22nd Feb’ for your child’s group.  If you are unsure of their group, check the cover of their packs.
  • The app ‘squeeble’ was recommended by a parent. It costs £4.99 but is great for spelling practice.
  • Friday test – check the website for a video showing you how we call out the spellings, tables and dictation each week.

Tables & Mental Maths:

  • 4 times tables – see planner page 137.
  • Complete times tables activities into numeracy homework book – see document ‘times tables 22nd Feb for your child’s group).
  • Continue with the Daily Workout booklets already at home.



  • See link for free ebooks:

      To access these books you need to make an account (this is free).

Follow these instructions:

  1. Open website above and click on ‘Join’ in top right corner.
  2. Fill in details underneath ‘become a member’
  3. Click ‘create account’
  4. Check emails for pin to verify account. Copy and paste onto website when requested.
  5. Search for the correct book in the search bar.
  6. Click ‘borrow’.
  7. Click ‘open on web browser’. Usually asks for your pin at this point.
  8. Enjoy your book!
  • Books will be set for each reading group on a weekly basis but you can take longer to read this if you need to. If you feel the book is too hard or too easy, feel free to browse and pick alternative books.

This week’s books:

  • Group A = Officer Spence makes no sense
  • Group B = Flat Stanley’s worldwide adventures thee African safari discovery
  • Group C = The Berenstain Bears Mama’s Helpers
  • Group D Miss Campbell = Clark the shark too many treats
  • Group D Mrs Hutchinson = photocopied books sent home in packs.
  • We use Collins Primary Dictionaries in class. You could also use these online dictionaries –


World Around Us – new topic:  The Second World War

  • Learning about World War 2 -

  • World War 2 sound effects -

  • KWL page in pack and introduction powerpoints on website.
  • Evacuees powerpoint on website and activity in pack.
  • Anne Frank powerpoint on website and activity in pack.


  • Resources included in pack.

PE links


Body Part Call Out

TV Channel -


Throwing & Catching -

Jumping and landing -


Gymnastics 2 points -


Hip hop part 1 -

Hip Hop part 2 -

Wellbeing links


Mindfullness breathing -

Hand breathing -

Story time with Annette - Foundation

Have you filled your bucket today? -

The invisible string -


See sheet included in pack with log in details for Charanga.





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