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Victoria PS, Carrickfergus

Loch Insh 2019 - updated 19:10 on Friday 7th June

3rd Jun 2019

Friday 7th June at 19:20

We are currently all on board the ship and will be on our way soon.  The children have all enjoyed their dinner and are looking forward to seeing mums and dads.

The staff have had a wonderful week with a great bunch of children, however, the sickness bug has landed with over half the staff in the last day so we too are looking forward to getting home.  A few children have been unwell too but have managed to cope very well.  We will see you at the Spar a little later.


Thursday 6th June at 19:20

Some final photos added!  Children have had another wonderful day and are now enjoying their disco.  We will be heading for home first thing in the morning so you may not hear from us for a while.

Please check back tomorrow evening for any delays in sailing times etc.


See you all soon. 


Thursday 6th June at 13:00

Photographs and videos uploaded  


Wednesday 5th June at 16:50

Another 2 activities completed today for all children.  Two groups completed an activity on the kayak and paddle boarding and two groups completed archery and sailing.

The children have been working really hard even though it has rained ALL day. :( but the weather hasn’t hampered their fun.  Still lots of jumping in the Loch!


Tuesday 4th June at 16:40

A really enjoyable day had so far by everyone.  Archery, tour boat, skiing, paddle boarding and sailing.  

Big shout out to Marc C for being absolutely FANTASTIC at archery!

Tuesday 4th June at 15:15

New photographs added 


Tuesday 4th June at 12:45

All boys and girls managed to be sound asleep last night at 11:00pm ish!!!!!!  All managed to get up bright and early ready for breakfast.  Mr Fulton’s chalet managed to have a few minutes in the hot tub before breakfast - it’s a hard life!!!  All children had to make their lunch themselves this morning and did it brilliantly. 

The children have had their first activity - some groups sailing and some groups paddle boarding.  Mrs Galbraith managed to stay dry during paddle boarding - Mr Fulton didn’t.....thanks to Kate F for pushing him overboard  :).

Sun is shining at the moment as we are all enjoying lunch.


Monday 3rd June at 20:20

Well we all arrived at Loch Insh safe and sound.  A really lovely journey with a great group of well behaved on the coach and at the service station.  All children given a Krispy Kreme Doughnut as a treat on one of our stops.

We are currently completing our first activities - raft building and way finding.  I wonder will the rafts float !! Stay tuned to find out  - more photos added  


Monday 3rd June 2019 -12:10pm

After an early start and a slightly rocky crossing we have arrived in Scotland.....still a good while from Loch Insh. We have had our first stop at Ayr and had great fun at the park....staff included. Stay tuned for more updates.