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Victoria PS, Carrickfergus

Primary 6 - Home and Online Learning

**UPDATE 22nd June**

Oh my goodness!  Here we are at the last week of term!  The final week of daily home-schooling!  So far, you’ve not yet been subjected to my (very shy) face on video, but this week, I’m going to read out some mental maths questions for you to do.  You may even meet Floki, my Quaker parrot!  Brace yourselves!

After all this hard work over the last few months, I’m sure you are looking forward to your summer ‘staycation’!  Make sure you keep your brain active and keep practicing those skills so that you’re ready for P7!!!  Eek! 

We hope you and your families are still keeping well and staying safe.  Remember to check Slido for any messages and to give us feedback or ask us any questions you might have.

Do what you can, and remember Mr Fulton’s mantra:

“You don’t have to do everything!  Anything is better than nothing!”

As before, we have set up the online learning information as follows:

  • Subject overviews have been uploaded as documents below. They show you what you need to do and which documents each group should have a go at, plus links to videos to help with understanding and relevant games you could try.
  • Answers have been provided in separate documents wherever possible.

Each week, you should try to:

  • Read for 15-20 minutes EVERY DAY
  • Do some maths and literacy EVERY DAY
  • Do some Mental Maths EVERY DAY
  • Do TWO practice papers PER WEEK
  • Do the WAU activities
  • Get outside (safely) for some fresh air EVERY DAY

What to do:

  • Have a look at the Overview documents.
  • Click on the activity documents for your group for that subject from the documents section below.
  • Have a go at the activity in your book. Use the Overview document to click on the video links to help you with understanding.
  • If you want to try a more or less challenging activity, pick one from one of the other groups and have a go at it. If you need help, contact us on Slido and we will reply as soon as we can.
  • From the Overview document, you could also play some of the games suggested for that activity. Some of the games are tablet friendly, so you may be able to play them on your tablet or mobile phone.
  • Have a break and do something different! Then come back and check your work.  Make any changes you need to. Did you Read The Question x2? [RTQx2] Is your answer reasonable?  Did you make any silly calculation errors?
  • Have a look at the answers for that activity and mark your work.
  • Congratulate yourself on a job well done!

You could play some maths on Prodigy, read or listen to a book on EPIC or do some creative writing on Boomwriter.  Have a look at the document ‘Prodigy, EPIC and Boomwriter Info’ below for more details.

Have fun!  Stay Safe!

We miss you all!

Mrs Hayes and Mrs Foster

P.S. Did you figure out the wee riddle from last week?

What is always in front of you, but can’t be seen?

          The future!!!!!!

P.P.S.  Here’s another one for you:

          What goes up but never comes back down?